My App Store Rejection Story

This week we received our third rejection notice (in a row) for the first update of Bear on a Wire - Free Ride. It's closing in on two months since the update was originally submitted and it's becoming very frustrating.

Bear on a Wire - Now on the App Store

Bear on a Wire is finally on the App Store! Throughout the course of development I was looking forward to the day when I could browse the App Store and find a game that I developed. Now I can and it feels great! Getting it out was only half the battle though. Now we have to use every contact we have to try to get the word out and start working on updates to make the game even better. So far, we have received a lot of support from people we know and even several we didn't previously know and I am very grateful for it.

Bear on a Wire aka PoorBear Submitted to App Store

It has been a long time coming. Bear on a Wire, previously know as PoorBear, has been submitted to the App Store. If everything goes smoothly it should release on Monday, September 7. I have heard reports of everything from four days to three weeks for the completion of the approval process although it is supposed to take around two weeks. We added a little extra padding on the release date to compensate for any delays.

PoorBear is in Beta

We put out the beta version of PoorBear today to let people begin testing it. It has been a long time coming and I have been sidetracked a couple times during development but after another long night last night I think it is at a good point to begin testing. The game is short right now, only three levels, but I mainly want to get some good feedback on the gameplay and controls.

iPhone OS Fonts

Today I was in need of a list of fonts that are installed on the iPhone. As far as I can tell, Apple's documentation does not provide a list of the usable fonts but there are two properties in the UIFont class that can be used to get them. So, I made a very simple script to print out the list of fonts. I was about to email myself the output which is my way of saving information for later (can't beat free, essentially unlimited storage) when I figured I may as well post it here since I was unable to find this list on the web to begin with.

PoorBear: Tricks

Quick update to follow up on my promise of a new video clip. This is a short clip that shows off a couple trick animations, a crash sequence and a background music track.

Generating Collision Detection Vertices From Images

I have been working on adding tricks to PoorBear over the last week. Trevor has sent us a ton of crazy animations for tricks (I will try and throw up a video preview of some of them soon) as a result, I was in desperate need of a way to generate collision verts in a manner other than plotting them by hand (yeah, I plotted and translated the verts for one animation by hand and it took about an hour). I will go over the method I used to solve this problem

PoorBear Development Progress

We posted a new video of PoorBear today. We added in some graphics Trevor sent over last week and added a couple new gameplay features. We are working on logic to recognize tricks like wheelies and flips and have added in an item collection system.

PoorBear Design Overview

We posted an article over on the Dreamsocket site today detailing some of the design work that has gone into PoorBear and showing off the intro video clip for the first level. The article is based on a write-up that Trevor sent us which covers some of his inspiration for the design of the game. It seems that the central gameplay element, riding a scooter on power lines, spawned from his skateboarding days as a kid.

Project PoorBear

Our little iPhone game has changed a lot since my last post about it. We are calling it Poor Bear for now and we have a theme and some animations for it along with the beginnings of a story. You can get a quick overview of our progress so far from the article we posted over on the Dreamsocket site. Or you can check out a short video of this stage of development below along with the slick video player (free download) we built using our Media Framework.