Bear on a Wire - Now on the App Store

Bear on a Wire is finally on the App Store! Throughout the course of development I was looking forward to the day when I could browse the App Store and find a game that I developed. Now I can and it feels great! Getting it out was only half the battle though. Now we have to use every contact we have to try to get the word out and start working on updates to make the game even better. So far, we have received a lot of support from people we know and even several we didn't previously know and I am very grateful for it.

Bear on a Wire aka PoorBear Submitted to App Store

It has been a long time coming. Bear on a Wire, previously know as PoorBear, has been submitted to the App Store. If everything goes smoothly it should release on Monday, September 7. I have heard reports of everything from four days to three weeks for the completion of the approval process although it is supposed to take around two weeks. We added a little extra padding on the release date to compensate for any delays.