Blog Renovation

I finally got around to updating this blog over the last two days. Previously, it was located at and rarely updated. After finishing up work on I have had a little extra time to devote to things I neglected during development of the site. I also wanted to update this site as an experiment to see how quickly I could create a working blog using Drupal. Released

The majority of my time over the past several months was spent on the development of It was a huge project and an equally huge learning experience. When I started I had no idea about many of the basic concepts of website development. I had never used PHP, Javascript, CSS, and had always tried to stay away from HTML in general. I am not sure I would have been able to pull it all off if we had not chosen Drupal to build the site with.

First iPhone Game in Development

I am in the process of developing my first iPhone game when time allows. Being my first, it is intended to be very simple. The basic goal so far is to drive a little vehicle over rough terrain and reach the end without flipping over. To avoid flipping you must tilt the device to either side which affects the vehicle's body angle. We may add a few other gameplay elements to make it more interesting as we move forward but we want to keep it simple.

Using ASDoc with ANT and Eclipse

Using ASDoc can be fairly confusing at first since there is not much documentation out there. I will go over several things I learned from using it with ANT in Eclipse. I will not cover the syntax of in-code comments as that part is documented well; I will cover the specifics of using ASDoc with ANT build scripts.

Migrating Hosting from GoDaddy to Dreamhost

So, I finally decided to move hosting to Dreamhost and I am very pleased with the results. First of all, the decision to go with GoDaddy was hastily made at the time I purchased this domain. I knew nothing about hosting plans of the competing companies but I figured GoDaddy was cheap enough and I only wanted to host a couple small projects so I went with it.