Project PoorBear

Our little iPhone game has changed a lot since my last post about it. We are calling it Poor Bear for now and we have a theme and some animations for it along with the beginnings of a story. You can get a quick overview of our progress so far from the article we posted over on the Dreamsocket site. Or you can check out a short video of this stage of development below along with the slick video player (free download) we built using our Media Framework.

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The major change since the last version of the game is that we have built a level editor for the game now. In the first stage of development we generated our terrain from a random fractal algorithm which was a little easier but the level editor gives us a lot more control, plus we can create cool obstacles like gaps and jumps which add a lot more challenge to the game. Because we are building the level editor in Flex, it opens up the possibility of letting players actually create and share their own levels, something we haven't seen for an iPhone game yet. At this stage it would require a lot more work to get it polished enough for outside use but it is definitely something we are thinking about.

Moving Forward

The next stage of development will be focused on adding art and sound to the game and building two levels that we are happy with. I say two levels because a lot of people in the game development world feel that a game is just a prototype, not yet in "development," until the first two levels are playable. During this time we will also have to refine our level editor a lot more. It is very basic right now as you can see from the image below. Basically, the lines represent the power lines in the game and the window in the bottom right is a texture pallet that we can use to "paint" textures onto the background (yes we only have a power pole texture right now, it's a work in progress!).