PoorBear Development Progress

We posted a new video of PoorBear today. We added in some graphics Trevor sent over last week and added a couple new gameplay features. We are working on logic to recognize tricks like wheelies and flips and have added in an item collection system.

We still haven't settled on the main objective of the game or a direction to take with these new gameplay elements. For example, one of our ideas is to create a scoring system based on tricks and use the collectible items as various power-ups. Another idea is to use tricks as the only scoring element use the items as currency to spend at the end of the levels to upgrade the scooter. Or we could make it a race against time with the items as speed-ups and the tricks for extending the time limit... the list goes on. Obviously, we are open to any suggestions and I'll point any you may have over to the post on Dreamsocket.com.