First iPhone Game in Development

I am in the process of developing my first iPhone game when time allows. Being my first, it is intended to be very simple. The basic goal so far is to drive a little vehicle over rough terrain and reach the end without flipping over. To avoid flipping you must tilt the device to either side which affects the vehicle's body angle. We may add a few other gameplay elements to make it more interesting as we move forward but we want to keep it simple.

After several nights of working on it I have the basic mechanics working. I have a vehicle, it happens to be a UFO with wheels (I'm anything but an artist), which is controllable via the accelerometer and some terrain from a terrain generation algorithm that I wrote based on the information in this article.

Moving forward, we have a lot more to add before it is ready to release. First, we are excited about getting art for the game from Trevor VanBeater. After getting the art, we will add intro, menu, and loading screens. We would also like to add some sound effects and maybe a theme song for background music. Finally, we need to add some sort of scoring mechanic. I suppose the simplest would be to add a timer and keep track of the best times but I would like to come up with something original.