Bear on a Wire - Now on the App Store

Bear on a Wire is finally on the App Store! Throughout the course of development I was looking forward to the day when I could browse the App Store and find a game that I developed. Now I can and it feels great! Getting it out was only half the battle though. Now we have to use every contact we have to try to get the word out and start working on updates to make the game even better. So far, we have received a lot of support from people we know and even several we didn't previously know and I am very grateful for it.

We have also received only positive reviews which has been great. Being my first game and major project, I was bracing myself for people to start picking the it apart right off. It is still very early though and I'm sure for all the positive reviews we will get our share of negatives.

I am looking forward to everything (if anything) that comes along with releasing and maintaining a game including more Red Bull powered all-nighters and all hater reviews that come my way. I look at this release as the beginning rather than the conclusion.

Bear on a Wire links:
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