Bear on a Wire aka PoorBear Submitted to App Store

It has been a long time coming. Bear on a Wire, previously know as PoorBear, has been submitted to the App Store. If everything goes smoothly it should release on Monday, September 7. I have heard reports of everything from four days to three weeks for the completion of the approval process although it is supposed to take around two weeks. We added a little extra padding on the release date to compensate for any delays.

Being another first of many things including first game and first venture into Obj-C and OpenGL, I am very happy with the results. The inspiration for this game came from classic games like Pro Skater and my fascination with physics-based games. I made several prototypes for a game like this in a couple different languages over the past years, the last one was in C# using XNA. Each one was just a basic prototype and my programmer art in each would make Trevor, who did the sick art for this game, absolutely implode. The combination of timing with having several months to work (mostly) uninterrupted and hooking up with Trevor (thanks to Kenny) for art and design allowed this project to reach completion.

The core game has turned out very similar, albeit a lot more polished than what I had imagined with those first prototypes. However, there is still a ton more we would like to add into the game. We have been brainstorming many different ideas for expansion over the course of development and it was hard to resist the urge to try and get some of them in before the initial release. In the end though, just getting something out there was most important even if it is a watered down version of our vision.

Future features

Along with more tricks and more levels, some of the specific things that I would like to add are:

  • Global scoring
  • Social notifications, let friends know when you just blew away their high score
  • Social challenges, challenge a friend to beat your high score or copy a super sick trick you landed
  • Achievements, think triple front-flip spin-kick-grinder over the erupting volcano on level 6, etc..
  • Branching and combo tricks
  • More game modes, maybe a freestyle mode with no time limit and unlimited lives and a delivery type mode where the more items you carry the more off-balance you get
  • Hopefully many more things that players request given that the game does well enough to enable us to continue working on it

Game description

On a considerbly less serious note here is Trevor's slick write-up for the game for the App Store:

Our green hero, Bearzo, has had it! No more performing for "THE MAN" day in and day out. What! Do you think he is some kind of dancing bear? NO... he is a high wire bear, and it's time for him to make his great escape from the Big Top. He loves his fans and his work, but he just wants to be free and feel his scarf blow in the wind as he shreds wire with the most insane moves ever attempted ... on a Moped... on top of high voltage power lines. Get ready to feel the power of the 49cc, two stroke, and single cylinder stallion!

As you tear off on the wire, try to balance Bearzo and keep him from falling down into the 1.21 gigawatts that alternate through the wires below him (Ah, the smell of burnt bear hair). While balancing on the wire, acquire crazy mad points by using the different stunt key combinations to generate some MOPED MAYHEM ( Bearzo's stunts include no hands, half twist, full twist, bear buck, back roll, front roll, jump roll, grinder, spin roll, spin buck, spin buck grinder, coat tail, coat tail kick, and the next to impossible coat tail kick spin grinder. Combine these stunts with full flips, double flips... triple flips...? Now you are just being crazy! Collect coins and rack up even more points. I never saw collectable coins coming. Don't get caught hibernating b/c it's about to get all GRIZZLY up in here!

Get pumped for BEAR ON A WIRE.


  • A Green bear, wearing a blue scarf, on a moped, riding on power lines. Really? You need more?
  • 15 levels
  • 15 stunts
  • Accelerometer balance controls
  • A guy named Chad stayed up all night working on it


  • A helmet in some states.
  • Compatible with iphone and ipod touch
  • Requires OS 2.2.1 or later

Gameplay video

Here is a clip showing three levels, morning , noon, and night versions, along with several of the more tame tricks.

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