Blog Renovation

I finally got around to updating this blog over the last two days. Previously, it was located at and rarely updated. After finishing up work on I have had a little extra time to devote to things I neglected during development of the site. I also wanted to update this site as an experiment to see how quickly I could create a working blog using Drupal. Using Drupal for a blog is arguably overkill relative to standalone blog platforms out there such as Wordpress but after becoming familiar with Drupal in the last few months I figured that I could build a blog as quickly as I could set one up using Wordpress.

All that is needed to create a simple blog in Drupal is an understanding of its concept of taxonomy and an understanding of the Views module which is integral to most Drupal sites that it should be included with Drupal's core modules. In the end, it took about two hours to throw together the needed modules with this theme to create this website. When time allows, I plan on posting a step-by-step guide to creating a functional blog using Drupal.