Dreamsocket.com Released

The majority of my time over the past several months was spent on the development of Dreamsocket.com. It was a huge project and an equally huge learning experience. When I started I had no idea about many of the basic concepts of website development. I had never used PHP, Javascript, CSS, and had always tried to stay away from HTML in general. I am not sure I would have been able to pull it all off if we had not chosen Drupal to build the site with. It is a great platform and I plan on using it for any other websites I build.

In the end it was a long journey and when looking back at some of the code I find myself wondering how it all came together. I am proud of the results and happy that Kenny gave me the opportunity to work on it.

I posted an article over on the Dreamsocket site that covers some of the technical issues I ran across along the way.