iPhone OS Fonts

Today I was in need of a list of fonts that are installed on the iPhone. As far as I can tell, Apple's documentation does not provide a list of the usable fonts but there are two properties in the UIFont class that can be used to get them. So, I made a very simple script to print out the list of fonts. I was about to email myself the output which is my way of saving information for later (can't beat free, essentially unlimited storage) when I figured I may as well post it here since I was unable to find this list on the web to begin with.

PoorBear: Tricks

Quick update to follow up on my promise of a new video clip. This is a short clip that shows off a couple trick animations, a crash sequence and a background music track.

Generating Collision Detection Vertices From Images

I have been working on adding tricks to PoorBear over the last week. Trevor has sent us a ton of crazy animations for tricks (I will try and throw up a video preview of some of them soon) as a result, I was in desperate need of a way to generate collision verts in a manner other than plotting them by hand (yeah, I plotted and translated the verts for one animation by hand and it took about an hour). I will go over the method I used to solve this problem